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President’s Message

October 2016


Participation and involvement are the keys to success.

Soon it will be autumn and the leaves will begin to fall. Football season has started and the baseball playoffs will soon begin.

Our next meeting will be in Orange County on October 19, 2016 at the American Legion post 488. It is located at 532 Lakes road, at 1930 hours. We will meet at the old Pathmark parking lot at 1800 hours to car pool. The brinks memorial will be held on October 20, 2016 at 1600 hours, at the entrance to the south bound thruway on rt. 59 in Nyack. Please wear your 10-13 cap.

The flag of the United States and the National Anthem are more than a pretty piece of red, white and blue cloth and pleasant music. We are wit-nessing the desecration of the flag and the National Anthem by radical groups, illegal immigrants, and even a former governor. Now, a football player has made a name for himself by disrespecting the National Anthem. Only in a free society is this possible. Freedom does not come cheap.

What we now take for granted, our freedom, constitution and bill of rights, came at a heavy price. I ask this question. When was the last time you gave any thought to the sacrifice that the early Americans made to gain freedom for themselves and us? To the king of England, the colonies were a source of revenue to support his war with France. As the war expanded, so did the need for more funds. The cry of the early Americans was no taxation without representation. The answer from the king was to send more troops and to suppress their insurrection. The inevitable result could only be settled by war. The prospect for Americans who were faced with war with the most powerful nation in the world was monumental.

In spite of the odds, the American patriots never gave up. In the end, with help from God and a little from the French, this nation was born. This nation's desire for freedom was stronger than the mighty British army. From that time on the revolution was the bench-mark for what was to come. The United States and its people were united under one flag and one premise, a nation of the people, for the people and by the people. That precept carried this nation to greatness over generations and conflicts. This nation came out of world war two the most powerful nation in the world. This nation became the world's peace keeper. During the Korean conflict, something hap-pened. After three years of war the United Nations settled for a cease fire. It got worse with the Vietnam War. After ten years of brutal war, we withdrew. The era of peace marches and protests began. Many men fled the country to avoid the draft. At the end of the conflict, our new form of government forgave the draft dodgers. I wonder how our veterans felt about this. The news media began to play a major role. Instead of supporting our nation they began to question the govern-ment.

Previously, when we sent our young men into conflicts, they were supported by the media. More and more the media became more liberal and progressive. They began to take control of television, radio and newspapers. There was no more fair and balance. Only one sided protection of one party while attacking the other. It is now 2016 and the most important election in this nation's history is upon us. All I say is God Bless America.

The opinion of the writer of this article is his alone and in no way reflects the opinion of the organization. America strong.

God Bless and keep America strong
Bart Foley, President

MAY 2016 NOTICE: Click here to see a copy of the notification that was mailed out to all non-Medicare enrollees in GHI about the changes in co-payments effective July 1.

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