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President’s Message

September 2016


Participation and involvement are the keys to success. This summer is one that will be remembered for the extremely hot and humid weather. I, for one, will look for forward to the fall even with its leaves. Nine members of the Hudson Valley 10-13 won prizes at the mega raffle. Congratulations to Frank Martarella being elected president of the National 10-13 and his new board.

We are faced with the most dangerous and critical time that this nation has faced in its history. The outcome of this election will determine if it will survive. The ground work for its destruction is already in place thanks to Obama and the Democratic choice for President Hillary Clinton. The elected president will make appointments to the Supreme Court which will swing the majority to that party. Obama has tried for years to destroy the 2nd Amendment without success. If Hillary Clinton is elected she will follow his lead. President Obama has authorized and permitted millions of illegals into this country and in some cases has pro-vided transportation to this country. The borders of this country are as open as the "Gates of Hell."

In addition, President Obama has allowed thousands of Muslims to enter without documentation or revealing their whereabouts. In one of Hillary's campaign stops, she promised to allow even more illegal Muslims into the country following the lead of President Obama. All of this is taking place because there is no oversight by any government agency or no mention by the main stream democratic left wing media. There are reports from reporters of independent news networks that because of the lack of enforcement by the government and the permissive attitude of Obama and Clinton toward this potential danger posed by Islamic radicals positioned all over our country. To make matters worse, Hillary has promised to bring even more illegal Muslims in if she is elected. The Republicans in both houses have done nothing to prevent what is happening. Donald Trump has promised to take action to control or remove this threat when he is elected.

As I have reported previously, the Democratic Party has disregarded the rights of Americans. From the beginning of his term, Obama promised transparency and cooperation with the Republicans. That lasted until the first meeting at the White house. At that meeting, Senator McCain offered advice. Obama stated/' .1 won, you lost." From that moment on, Obama went forward with his anti-American, anti-country agenda. There was no attempt by the Republicans to challenge or stop his agenda. Right up to this present time, no matter how serious or threat-ing to our national security, he violates the Constitution. There is no attempt to follow the constitution or to obtain approval of congress. The mainstream left wing democratic media is successful in shielding, lying, and covering up all scandals or anything which would be detrimental to his regime.

Without interference from any quarter, Obama was able to say and do and cover up every scandal. There are many scandals he and Hilary were and are involved in. I consider Benghazi to be the most evil event that any President or Secretary of State, alleged to be Americans, perpetrated against officials performing their duties for this nation. Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty and Sean Smith were brutality murdered by Islamic Terrorists in Benghazi on September 11, 2012. The cover up by the media and the White House is a disgrace. Obama and Clinton lied to the American people when they blamed a video. No one knows where Obama and Clinton were during this terrorist attack. I ask you, what kind of leaders are they? Can you imagine the kind of person could look the families in their eyes and lie to their faces. Is it any wonder, with leadership such as this, this nation is in peril? Those of you who are reading this newsletter, should have a clear picture of where Clinton is coming from. Donald Trump is the only candidate whose platform is focused on all Americans. The opinions expressed in this newsletter are mine. All of the facts and information reported are accurate.

God bless and keep America strong.
Bart Foley, President

God Bless America
Bart Foley

MAY 2016 NOTICE: Click here to see a copy of the notification that was mailed out to all non-Medicare enrollees in GHI about the changes in co-payments effective July 1.

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